The A+ Educator Excellence Recognition Program celebrates exceptional teachers who significantly impact their students and communities.


A+ Educators, often overlooked, possess the rare ability to inspire, guide, and shape young minds. They dedicate themselves to nurturing future generations, instilling not only academic knowledge but also crucial life skills and values. Their influence extends far beyond the classroom, shaping the trajectory of students’ lives.

Establishing a Teacher Recognition Program is crucial to acknowledging their dedication and hard work. A+ Educator Excellence recognizes outstanding teachers through awards, certificates, and public acknowledgments, fostering community involvement and inspiring others to strive for excellence. We create platforms for recognized teachers to collaborate, share best practices, and inspire each other, thereby growing a community of excellence.

Your support sustains this vital program, honoring special teachers and contributing to the improvement of education by promoting a culture of excellence and dedication. Investing in this program ensures that the contributions of special teachers are recognized, valued, and celebrated, thus benefiting the future of our schools and community.


People Over Profit (POP) Foundation Appoints New Leadership

Meet the team who will bring the organization to new heights!

Our 2023 accomplishments

Our 2023 Accomplishments

The POP Foundation achieved significant milestones last year to with education-based and community-inspired programs.

2024 POP Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Each year, ten exceptional students are recognized for their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and community involvement.


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